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Polzeath Webcam
When we demolished the Hotel we had to move the webcam. We asked our webcam watchers whether they were happy with the new position. All responses were positive so we will leave it where it is. The sun has just appeared around Stepper in the evenings so you should soon be getting some good sunset pictures.
Pictures are refreshed every daylight hour. Look for the stunning evening sunsets across the Atlantic Ocean. There have been 1296479 visitors since the camera was installed.

The time is 07:10 AM GMT on Saturday November 29 2014 at Polzeath, Cornwall.
Images are refreshed hourly from 09.30 to 19.30 GMT
Hi-Res WebCam installation for the Seascape Hotel by West Wind Developments
Images are Copyright © Seascape Holidays and must not be used on other websites without permission in writing.
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